We employ a large Java development team that constitutes some 70% of our development force and sports a second-to-none command of the full range of Java development tools and techniques. The development experience of the majority of our Java software engineers equals 5-6 years, while several of our developers have Java development experience that exceeds the above figure by a factor of 2 or 3.

Certainly, the best proof of our company's remarkable mastery in Java is our project portfolio. It includes several large-scale, enterprise-level Java projects for US and Western-European Telco heavyweights, as well as an array of projects for Western clients in the Real Estate, eCommerce and other verticals.

Due to our involvement in the above projects, our Java development team has become conversant with using this technology to develop Billing, Ordering, Rating, Invoicing, CRM, Document Management, Time Management and other functionality.

While the bulk of our Java development experience stems from complex Telecom projects, we have also used Java to develop Enterprise software and B2B, B2C and B2E applications. Many of the Java-related tasks, solved by Sytoss’s Java software engineers, can be rightfully referred as ultimately challenging in Java development.

In addition to its Java development experience, the Sytoss team has a great deal of experience in solving non-trivial tasks associated with TIBCO-enabled system integration and the related customization.

Most of our Java projects have involved using modern development practices, including Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery and One-Button Deployment. Importantly, we have also handled quite a bit of simultaneous Production Development and Production Sustaining, the latter involving numerous on-the-fly development adjustments.

Our project portfolio includes:

Large-Scale Java Projects for Telecommunications, Real Estate, eCommerce and other verticals

We have extensive experience in developing

Enterprise-level projects as well as B2C, B2B, B2E solutions.

We use modern development practices:

Automated testing, Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, One-Button Deployment

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Java Web

  • Java-based AJAX UI
  • Spring Framework
  • Open Source Frameworks: Apache Wicket, Apache Isis, Velocity
  • Java Server Faces and JSF component frameworks

Server & Desktop

  • MicroServices, REST API/AJAX, SOAP Services
  • JDO and JPA Frameworks: Hibernate, Datanucleus, MyBatis
  • Eclipse RCP, Java FX, Swing
  • EJB, JMS

Other skills

  • Application Servers: WebSphere, JBoss, etc.
  • Java Servers: Tomcat, Jetty
  • Build systems:
    Maven, Gradle, Ant
  • Domain-Driven Development
  • Test-Driven Development
  • Behaviour-Driven Development

Benefits of Custom Java Development with SYTOSS

Java Development Services
  • Full-stack, premium-quality Java development skills
  • Experience in delivering Java projects using Agile-driven development.

  • Experience in implementing extremely large, enterprise-level Java projects.

  • Significant experience in system integration using Java.

  • Consummate experience in Java development for the Telecom sector.

  • Ability to promptly allocate several highly qualified Java software engineers to enable an expeditious start of your project.

Our Lead Experts

Java Developer Ukraine

Yevgeny Vasilyev

Solution Architect

Yevgeny Vasilyev’s working experience as a Java Developer and Java Development Manager, spans nearly two decades, spent by him at several major international product-driven and custom software development companies.

During his career, Yevgeny has held the positions of Scrum Master, Project Manager, Solution Architect and Delivery Manager. He has a great deal of expertise, related to Java development for the Telecom, Real Estate, and other industries.

Yevgeny Vasilyev graduated from Kharkiv National University of Radioelectronics with a MA degree in Software Engineering.

Java Software Developer Ukraine

Sergey Sverdlov

Senior Java Developer / Team Lead

Sergey Sverdlov is a highly competent Java/Oracle developer and Solution Architect, with a total of more than 4 years of Java development experience.

As a Java developer, Sergey has taken part in an array of projects for overseas Telco and Real Estate clients. He also has a strong economic background and a significant amount of experience in such business areas, as Telecommunications, Logistics, Supply Chain and Inventory Management. This experience was gained by Sergey at several international companies.

Sergey Sverdlov holds a MA degree with honors in the Management of Foreign Economic Relations from Kharkiv National Polytechnic University.

Related Services and Expertise

Oracle Development Services

Our Oracle developers are a team of long-standing experts in the processing of large amounts of data. They know how to use the technology to ensure good quality and consistency of the processed data, as well as the optimal processing speed.

Most of members of our Oracle development team are also full-stack Java developers and this is a major benefit for those who intend to implement several types of projects. Just like is the considerable Oracle development experience that we can put at your disposal: most of our experts have 5-10 years of experience with Oracle.

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Front-End Development Services

The broadest range of development tools for a wide range of purposes is how our Frontend expertise and service offering can be summed up.

Sytoss has awesome Frontend developers with the average of 6 years of Frontend development experience. The Frontend challenges they've solved include implementing of state-of-the-art 3D process modeling interfaces, interfaces that enable various dynamic representations of data and several frontends for large Enterprise apps.

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SAP Hybris Development Services

Our SAP Hybris developers have the knowledge and skills to help you harness the SAP Hybris Platform to serve your business goals. We are skilled in all the main areas of the SAP Hybris Platform's customization, including the creation of custom workflows.

SAP Hybris is a major focus area for Sytoss. We continually invest in improving our SAP Hybris developers’ skills and encourage our best Java software engineers to acquire SAP Hybris expertise.

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